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Everyday life. Squeaky routines and dreams that have passed the best-before date. The navigation in this reality is like an utterly boring voyage for Dahlia Humus. She is not the one to put the world in alphabetical order nor the colleague to ask for help with a new filing system. Dahlia’s way to express her inner world is the intensivity of the body movement. But is there a place for her in the universum? 

Duration: 20 min

Language:  Speechless / French


Clown Dahlia Humus emerged in Giovanni Fusetti’s intensive workshop Red Nose in summer 2016. Dahlia turned out to be an annoyed and ‘excentrique jusqu'à l'absurde’ clown. She is interestingly pretty different from my other clown, Mona-Marke, who visits hospitals and dementia care homes.


I have an interest both in the theatre clowning and also applying clowning in various different contexts. Besides Finland I have studied clowning in England and Italy, having inspiring teachers with different approaches such as Philippe Gaulier and Tom Monckton.

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