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-Unattended Duet



All kinds of deficiency have turned Ilmi into an explorer within the framework of her life. 

The fundamental necessities she creates out of thin air will hold as long as her imagination. At least she is trying to get by.

Ilmi & Unattended Duet is an ode for the chance to get connected to that which is absent. 

In the end one way or the other -we`re all left alone.

Duration: 25 min

Language:  Speechless


Ilmi was born in 2016 at Giovanni Fusetti`s course `The Red Nose` arranged by Theatre Metamorfoosi. At the same time a group sprung to life that wanted to take their acts one step further. 

Working on a solo performance without a director would be impossible without some help. I`m happy to have had important implements from Giovanni Fusetti, Norman Taylor, Marc Gassot and Thom Monckton. Unfortunately these men are not present in my life so I`ve had conversations with them up in my head. 


Luckily I also got some support from the group so I didn`t end up just having mad monologues by myself. After every week we presented each other the jewels of our solo work, played Mario Gonzales`s theatre game and improvised. Small steps have formed a pathway to the state of amazement. 

Even when one`s dreams don`t meet with reality, a life driven by desire can create hope with the help of art -a lesson I learnt from Ilmi.

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