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-The Heavy Lightness of Being Unbearable



Unelia has a life. The one and only life. A unique life.

Unelia waits

Unelia feels

Unelia gets tired 

Unelia and the heavy lightness of being unbearable.


The solo uses clowning as a tool to research a woman. A mother who has been awake too long to remember how long. A mother who used to be a woman but maybe accidentally switched off her soul. What happens that one night when the light stays on..?

Duration: 40 min

Language:  Speechless


Hanna lived a happy life of a contemporary dancer until year 2009. Then she got hit by a lightning and woke up as a clown. She had to let her boyfriend go. She moved to Stockholm to do a masters degree in clowning in Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Various clownguru’s crossed her path, like Philippe Gaulier, Mario Gonzalez, Per Sörberg, Nalle Laanela, Angela Di Castro and many others. Last but not least Giovanni Fusetti.

Hanna’s first born clown character  “Maija” opened her eyes and soul for the first time in the dark world of Sofokle’s. She was born during the rehealsars of a King Oidipus in Sweden 2010. 

Clowns Without Borders was her next step and children who needs a bit of love and healing with the magic of laughter, totally took over her heart. Hanna has traveled with her red nose to Moldova, Palestine, Siinai desert, Estonia, Romania and Greece. 

“Maijas siblings“, the other clown characters are called: Viivi”(CwB), “Rakel” (The Ugly Duckling) ”Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White” (Red Pearl- female clown festival) and “Unelia”.

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