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Tue 30.11.2021 at 19:00


Cirko/ Solmusali 

Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (Building 8, Kojehuone)

00540 Helsinki



Clown Soiree presents three different clown activities of Teatteri Metamorfoosi from 2021: one clown trio, six clowns from the intensive workshop and the clown choir. 


The Soiree is for VIP all the friends of the clowns are invited, welcome! Free entrance!

Just remember to reserve your place, cause there are only 130 of them. 


Finnish, although the show does operate beyond the spoken languages...



2-3 h (to be confirmed later)



10 +


Tritonus Angelicus

Clown trio Tritonus Angelicus was born on the spring 2021, during the corona pause of the bigger clown choir. At the end of the summer the trio met the audience in the inner courtyard of senior homes, part of the program of Kansallisteatteri Touring Stage.. In the fall, when the corona situation was better, the trio continued part of the bigger clown choir of Metamorfoosi.


ILMI / Iika Hartikainen / singing, ukulele, cajon

GRACE VON VIRTANEN / Helena Leminen / singing, keyboard, cello 

HALLA KALMA / Soile Mäkelä / singing, urn


MetaLAB- Clown Chorus

Since 2013 Teatteri Metamorfoosi has organized regular movement laboratory with changing themes and theatrical styles. The laboratory is aimed for professionals, students and devoted amateurs. In the fall


2019 MetaLAB founded a clown choir, that seeks the harmony of the clown voices. Clown Chorus is for all those performing Arts practitioners who have already started their voyage towards their inner clown. New members are taken in every fall and spring.


On the fall 2021 the program emphasizes happiness.

Music leader of the choir is Helena Leminen and the director of the clowns is Soile Mäkelä.


Special thanks for Johanna Salonen who has done the first official choir costumes for us, and the drawings for the soiree.


GRACE VON VIRTANEN / Helena Leminen / singing, keyboard, cello  

ILMI / Iika Hartikainen /  singing, ukulele, cajon

HALLA KALMA / Soile Mäkelä / singing, shruti box

DALIA HUMUS/ Sinikka Lumiluoto / singing, calabash

GERTRUD / Henna Hakkarainen /  singing, djembe

KUUSI KÄPY / Pia Virtanen / singing, keyboard

AASEPPI / Mariia Rauramo / singing

CAMILLA GUNILLA / Kukka Eklund / singing

EE-KUKU  / Johanna Salonen / singing

ANTABUS / Esa Zuban / singing



Lights: Anssi Ruotanen

Run through video & still photos: Aleksi Pihkanen

Video capturing of the show: Aarni Lauronen


Clown Workshop

Six clowns were born in the summer 2021, during the first two weeks of our long term clown workshop. In the fall, during many weekends, we continued to research the clown state and improvised material for the clown numbers presented tonight. The numbers have born from the personal ridicule of the performers... and they might have been influenced by the various skills of the performers (circus, music, recitation, skin art…).

Duration of the workshop: 142h

Teacher: Soile Mäkelä


PIRLE / Tuire Backman / pole / singing, guiro 

SAMUKKA / Mika Formunen / cyr / singing, guiro, egg shaker

TUOHIKKI / Päivi Järvinen / singing, alto saxophone, bagpipes, flute, tin whistle

POL / Jari Miettinen / recitation/ singing, lyre, hang, guiro

PIRJO PERLA / Iina Ukkonen / singing, kayamba

MATLEENA TÄHTINEN / Hanne Vartiainen / grrrrrr, singing, kayamba




Kallo collective & Jenni Kallo

Niilo Helander Foundation


See the photos !
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