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-diabolical play of the half masks 



Enrollments by the 27.9.2024 



Teatteri Metamorfoosi's workshops are aimed at adults, performers and anyone for whom the course descriptions of physical theater resonate. Welcome to join with a low threshold, whether you are an amateur, student or professional. Regardless of skill levels, everyone has their own challenges and goals, let's support each other. Previous mask theater experience is not necessary, the most important thing is to be curious about what masks can bring in a pedagogical sense to your own professional learning process.




  • Get to know about history of Commedia dell'arte and its archetypes 

  • Create your own, today's mask character (type)

  • Learn to exaggerate and use codified expression

  • Have fun with your voice too; transform your own voice to suit the mask type.

  • Learn to deal with a current topic that is important to you using comedy and adapt it to suit the type of mask.



In a six-day intensive physical theatre workshop we will learn about Commedia dell'arte, a mask theater genre originating from Italia, from the Renaissance. Half-masks represent the darker side of humanity and they will encourage us to play with voice, movement and social themes. 


In this comical theatre genre, the mask types are representing social classes, not so much individuals. Expression is exaggerated and the rhythm of storytelling progresses quickly and straightforwardly. Emotions are expressed from zero to one hundred. All the different skills from circus, slapstick, music and dance are welcome to support the story telling. 


In the classes, we approach the creation of cda mask types from several different schools, get to know the historical type gallery and create our own, today's mask types. In addition, we get to know traditional Commedia dell'arte scenarios and canovaccios. 


Commedia dell'Arte was the political theater of its time, where current, social issues were dealt with by means of comedy. What topics come up for consideration in the improvisations of today's creators?


We are using high quality leather half masks from different mask makers i.e. Stephano Perocco di Meduna and Laura Mäkelä.



Soile Mäkelä (MA) is a founder member of Teatteri Metamorfoosi and a freelance theater teacher, performer and director working in the field of physical theatre. Soile has been teaching for a couple of decades, with masks as an indelible part of his toolkit. Soile approaches theater from a physical point of view and her roots are strongly in the French Lecoq pedagogy. She has studied Commedia dell'Arte e.g. with Giovanni Fusetti, Carlo Boso and Mario Gonzalez. 


Tiia-Mari Mäkinen works as a freelance theater artist, e.g. as a director, performer, choreographer and teacher. Tiia's theatrical thinking is based on movement expression, mask theater and Lecoq pedagogy. The cornerstones of her teaching are inclusive and movement-oriented expressive language. From 2015 to 2022, Mäkinen worked in London in several different art organizations, e.g. Chickenshed Theatre, Royal Albert Hall and Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company. Tiia has taught physical theater studies, e.g. In China, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Finland and Latvia. Commedia dell'Artea Tiia has studied e.g. Led by Antonio Fava, Norman Taylor and Saidi Lassaad.



Finnish or English depending of the need 




Sat-Thurs 10-17:00 

(includes a one-hour lunch break  daily)


Min. 8 person, max 12



(Includes 36h teaching)



Teatteri Metamorfoosi / Point Fixe

Suvilahdenkatu 10 A 4th floor

00500 Helsinki

Metro: Kalasatama or Sörnäinen


See the map





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