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Teatteri Viiruksessa 22.2.2019


Dark Matters is a solo performance exploring something that cannot be seen but still may exist. It is a wet dream of a shapeless creature floating in a shoreless sea and a small, ephemeral and lost homo sapiens secretly wishing for an eternal birthday party. Why did it all end up like this? Without answering, something whispers back, curling in an endless pile of karaoke tags, impatiently waiting for its own appearance.


Riina Tikkanen is a performer and puppeteer who works in various ensembles and working groups, moving between puppet theater, objects, materials, and physical theater. After graduating from the puppetry department at Turku Art Academy (2011), she has performed in over thirty different shows. Tikkanen is an active member of a Helsinki-based mask theatre company Teatteri Metamorfoosi and one of the founders of UIUI-group, which creates performances to art galleries.

Language: English

Duration: n. 45min.

Age: 15+


Director, writerand performer: Riina Tikkanen
Choreographer: Lee Lahikainen ja Riina Tikkanen
Photography: Maija Kurki
Light deisgn: Anssi Ruotanen
Ulkopuoliset silmät: Lee Lahikainen ja Davide Giovanzana
Produced: Luc Gerardin and Riina Tikkanen / Teatteri Metamorfoosi

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