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-a clown show about OCD



Clowns Regina D. Ding Dong and Usva Huu have been following their cousins`s lifes with tormenting obsessive thoughts. One day the clowns got an important task to create a theatre piece based on the creepy experiences of their cousins. Through tragicomic situations the show What if…? aims to shed light on the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and express the chaos going on inside the mind of a person suffering from it. The clowns have created a show which is both funny and touching. It is promised that there will be at least one tragic plot twist, one monster, many wigs and dancing and singing. Plus many acts based on real life experiences and information about OCD.



Roosa Hannikainen and Helena Leminen are both finnish theatre makers and former OCD sufferers. They began to explore OCD through theatre clowning in 2014. First, they created a short street show and performed it in 2014. After having received very supportive and encouraging feedback they decided to continue with the work and create a longer show. With the help of a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation, they were able to develop the show further. The show was named What if…?. In January 2017 they started performing and it hasn’t stopped ever since. By now they have performed it in psychiatric hospitals, seminars, nursing schools, theatre venues, and festivals and all sorts of cultural and health care events. 

With the help of their own clown personas, Roosa and Helena hope to unwind the lingering tension and fear around OCD and other mental health issues. It is very important that these themes can be discussed and confronted openly and honestly. The clown is a wonderful vessel for that. Roosa and Helena wish that with their show What if…? they are able to bring light and laughter to the shadowy and chaotic corners of the human psyche. Both their own and the ones sitting in the audience.






Dramaturg: Hannikainen ja Leminen


Usva Huu: Roosa Hannikainen

Regina D. Ding Dongi: Helena Leminen

Costume: Amita Kilumanga

Photography: Katariina Jumppanen

Producer: Teatteri Metamorfoosi


Suomen kulttuurirahasto, OCD-kokemusasiantuntijat, Teatteri Metamorfoosi, Soile Mäkelä, Pipsa Pirkko-Leena Toikka, Hanna Terävä, Iika Hartikainen, Elina Perttola, Giovanni Fusetti, Juha-Pekka Nykänen, Aila Leminen, Tuula Savikuja

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