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Enrollments by  28th of September!



Theatre clownery, The Smallest Mask in te World, personal ridiculousness, clown and holiness



Professionals, students and advanced amateurs in the wide field of performing arts, interested in theatre clownery and physical theatre. No need for previous experience in clown.



During the seven day intensive workshop, we will start a journey towards each participant’s personal clown and eventually take those fools to the sacred land of not understanding. One aim of the workshop is to become more aware of the ridicule side of ourselves and to use our personal material i.e. movement qualities, mannerisms, emotions and our history as a starting point for our clown process. What we think is funny in us, might differ a lot comparing the experience of the audience. Ideally we could take a big step in the lifelong process of learning to laugh at ourselves. 

This type of working might appear almost therapeutic and the teacher has great knowledge in kitchen psychology, but obviously we will not do therapy. Our goal is to transform our personal material to the universal level throughout various physical theatre training methods and performing techniques.


The workshop is not religiously committed. We will define our own red nosed holiness.


Three phases of the workshop:

  1. Preparation: getting to know the group, creating a common language for us, learning physical theatre techniques

  2. The birth of the clowns: making visible your inner fool, transforming your personal material to the level of the clown, searching the state of mind of the clown

  3. Holy Clown: mostly improvisational research about the relationship of the clown and the holiness



Soile Mäkelä (MA) approaches theatre teaching from the physical point of view. Her teaching methods are highly influenced by Lecoq-pedagogy. She is a freelancer theatre pedagogue who has been teaching twenty years in the various instutes i.a. University of the Arts Helsinki/ Theatre Academy, Helsinki Metropolia/ University of Applied Sciences, Turku Arts Academy and Helsinki Summer University…

In addition for teaching theatre, she is one of the founder members of physical theatre company Teatteri Metamorfoosi, she performs, directs performances and makes masks also.

Soile has searched her own inner clown with great masters such as Giovanni Fusetti, Pierre Byland, Mario Gonzalez, Philippe Gaulier...and Z. Giovanzana.


Beside of teacing she has also done artistic work as a director and a clown and researched themes like being outsider (“Ugly Duckling”, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth 2012), end of the love (Femme Fatale and the General Theory of Love, Teatteri Metamorfoosi 2013), mystery of the death (Halla Kalma -ajasta iäisyyteen, Teatteri Metamorfoosi 2017) and the relationship between the Clown and holiness (MetaLAB- movement laboratory of Teatteri Metamorfoosi). In 2019 she started clown choir rehearsals at the regular bases at MetaLAB.



Finnish or English depending of the need 



Mon-Sun, every day 10-17:00 (Including 1h lunch break daily)




(Includes 42h teaching)


Min. 8 person

Max 12 person



Teatteri Metamorfoosi / Point Fixe

Suvilahdenkatu 10 A 4th floor

00500 Helsinki

Metro: Kalasatama or Sörnäinen

See the map



(All the rights reserved for the changes for Teatteri Metamorfoosi)

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