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in Vallila Stage



After the death of his father, the French sociologist Didier Eribon reconnects with his mother and goes back to the home parents that he left thirty years ago. He then compares the transformation of French society and the personal transformation of his mother. Having left home because of the homophobic discourse at home, this coming back is a possibility for the protagonist to realize that what has motivated most of his actions and decisions in his life was shame.


Adapted by Timo Torikka, the Finnish version of this text superposes the introspective journey of the protagonist, Didier Eribbon, with the personal considerations of the three Finnish performers reflecting on their lives as artists.


This performance based on autobiographical fiction, sociological examination, and collective memory proposes a new form of theatre: it fuses legendary Finnish political songs with re-enactments of iconic images from the Finnish national archive, creating a delicate, funny and lively inner journey into what we are not really able to admit to ourselves.


The demo will present the first two parts of the show 






Approximately 1h


Director: Davide Giovanzana

Based on the text “Retour à Reims” by Didier Eribon

translation : Timo Torikka

dramaturgy: Timo Torikka and Davide Giovanzana

Music : Maija Ruuskanen

video : Joona Pettersson

lighting: Ville Virtanen

set and costumes : Tinde Lappalainen

producer: Luc Gérardin

On stage:

Sinikka Sokka, Miiko Toiviainen, Timo Torikka and Maija Ruuskanen 

Production: teatteri metamorfoosi


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