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MetaCLOWNS -solos 



Teatteri Metamorfoosi proudly presents MetaCLOWNS solos, that are drilling deep into the ridiculous existential problems of six Finnish women.

The thematics of the six individual solo performances are as delightful as the endless Finnish winter itself. Clowns are inviting the audience to share the absolute astonishment in front of the miracles of life such as fear of death, the hunger of love, dreams that never came true, endless identity problems and the unbearable lightness of being.

These red nose-ladies will give the audience an inner massage with pover of laughter and tears.

Solos can be bought separately or we can create one or two solo nights with many solos.


Age: +16



Luc Gerardin





Roosa Hannikainen Usva Huu

Helena Leminen Grace Von Virtanen

Soile Mäkelä Halla Kalma

Hanna Terävä Unelia

Iika Hartikainen Ilmi

Sinikka Lumiluoto Dahlia Humus

Photography: Soile Mäkelä

Videography Arttu Eloranta


Stoa, Alfred Kordelinin säätiö, Taiteen keskustoimikunta

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