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Teatteri Metamorfoosi started 2013 re-production of masks, designed by Finnish mask maker pioneer, Antero Poppius (1922-2005). He created a collection of 80 masks, alongside his full-time work as a handcraft teacher in the elementary school.

His most popular masks are the series of some 20 grotesque whole masks. He designed also expressionless masks, half masks, and animal masks.


Poppius-masks are hand-crafted high-quality theatre masks, designed for demands of professional use.  


Poppius-masks are ideal for the use of performers and pedagogues who are interested in speechless storytelling and body expression.

Poppius-masks are very expressive and humorous in the rough Finnish way. There is something very true and recognizable with these characters. They work very well with all kinds of age groups, various professional or amateur backgrounds, and different audiences.


Inspired by the toy industry, Antero Poppius started using natural latex-based liquid in mask making and developed his own secret receipt for many years. Unfortunately, the original material of Poppius-masks was not very long-lasting.

Teatteri Metamorfoosi's new production of the Poppius-masks are made now with industrial latex called neoprene, which makes the masks very durable, but still comfortable.

Johanna Kultala


Soile Mäkelä





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ANIMAL MASKS (small sizes)

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