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9th of January 2021








How to survive the end of the world?
That is what Survivalists are wondering while thinking it is coming soon! And many are convinced that the solution to all catastrophic scenarios is always to go underground.


Eloïse, Paul and Nathalie visit a luxurious bunker, well decided to survive, whatever will be the threat. Because for them, the end of the world is the ultimate test, such as the Apocalypse, and they want to be part of the chosen people who will repopulate the Earth.


In this phantasmagoric drama, the show put under question the violent mechanisms of our society and the disintegration of the social contract. But with humour. And by
using grotesque and masked theatre.


As long as our imagination is dominated by fictions of the end of the world where the strongest survive, we won’t be able to consider other solution than the story of a small group of chosen people.


Survival as the starting point of the show address directly the question of being in the front of death, but the
tone resolutely comical summons an
iconoclastic laughter. A laughter that
stands up to the despair, to the cynicism
of the dominant and to the rationality
that empties our daily life of poetry: a
political laughter.

Survival as a dramaturgical approach
allows us to observe our society under a
distorting prism.


The tale plays with our fears while giving
a fictional framework to the subject.
Thus, it offers the possibility of the shift
and therefore laughter.

Survival Kit emphasizes the absurd
character and tragic of our reality on the
edge of implosion. No need of science
fiction to imagine the multiple disasters
that could end the biggest joke in the

universe : human being.

We claim as a working method for Survival
Kit the principle of collaborative creation.
It is an ambitious aesthetic approach:
light designer, music composer, set
designer, costume designer, actors, and
all the collaborators have an essential
part in the creative process, for politic
and artistic reasons:

From the artistic point of view, this
commitment involves a collective
appropriation of the project and a text
based on stage improvisations. All the
collaborators to the play are creators
and not only performers.

From the politic point of view, it is the
intention to be in direct contact with
the questions of our time. The themes
we address, are the ones which affect
and move us deeply, us in 2020. The
themes are inspired by our everyday life
and our relationship to a world which
lose its meaning and where survival is
becoming the only way of life.

Davide Giovanzana & David Martins
October 2020



Conception and development: David Martins


Director: Davide Giovanzana


Fred Cacheux, Stéphanie Félix,
Nancy Guyon, David Martins

Set and costume design: Tinde Lappalainen
Light and video design: Pietu Pietiäinen
Sound and music: Philippe Rieger
Masks: Etienne Champion

Stage Manager: Arthur Michel
Administration, production: Luc Gerardin


Length - 1H45 (estimation)

Production: Compagnie Facteurs Communs and

Teatteri Metamorfoosi
Coproduction and residency: La Nef - Relais culturel de Wissembourg


With the support of
Drac Grand Est,
Region Grand Est,
City of Strasbourg,
Finnish Cultural Foundation

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