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– Almost there



The jacket of the clown Usva Huu has never clasped around the navel and perceiving the whole picture has never opened up to her.

Usva Huu works hard in the world of glamor and wishes to get some of that magical stardust for her life also.

Who prevents you from growing up to your dreams?
Does it really matter what other people think of you?
What to do when your own internal dialogue is too drastic?
Do you enjoy the role of statistics or strive for the head of your life?

Rooda Hannikainen’s solo deals with the relationship between one’s body and mind.

Duration: 20 min

Language: Speechless, English




Since Roosa was young, she was watching Chaplin, Buster Keaton and the Marx brothers over and over again with great enthusiasm.

20 years later in 2003 Roosa found herself from the Commedia theatre School in Copenhagen and started her performing life mainly as a clown.

The honesty  of the clown fascinates Roosa since everything you have learned in life turns upside down. What you always have tried to hide becomes transparent and is allowed. Failure is actually a gift.

Past ten years Roosa has been studying with some great teachers like Eric De Bont, Ana Vasquez D Castro, Mario Gonzalez and Giovanni Fusetti.

In 2009 Roosa was one of the founders of Clowns Without Borders in Finland. Roosa implemented quite a few performing tours in Uganda, Nepal and Russia. Helping children with laughter became very dear and important to her.

With her college Helena Leminen she created a clown performance about mental illnesses and mainly about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which was touring around mental institutions in Finland. After that she felt like creating a solo from more darker side of herself.

”Almost there” is lot about stepping out of Roosa’s comfort zone. It deals with the body image and the judgmental voice in our head.

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